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Tekplace is a one-person business founded by Martin Koerwien in 2015 with a main focus on software development.

The activities include (mostly non-profit-oriented) own projects as well as freelance programming services.

The choice of technologies is undogmatic and it is seen as positive and necessary to acquire new ones professionally. Personal evolution and motivation is considered essential.

Keeping up with the rapid evolution of programming technologies and contributing to it is a central motivation. Understanding why certain patterns work better than others, how coding can get more powerful, clean and intuitive.

It is more important to develop a passion for one's work than to maximize profit or to promote a certain brand or product. Creativity and open-minded communication must be encouraged. Collaborations with people and teams that share these views are welcome.

Coming from a background of academic research in pure mathematics, all that combines this theoretic side with programming is of particular interest. This includes AI, machine learning, IT security, cryptography, development of complex algorithms.

Main practical interests include mobile and web development as well as network programming and backend development with various frameworks and databases.

Work has been done in the past with a variety of programming languages including C/C++, Java, Javascript/Typescript, PHP, C#, R, Python.

Particular frameworks and platforms used so far include Android, React, React Native, Angular, Spring Boot, Laravel.

For a detailed list of projects, take a look here.