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Privacy statements

We collect, use and store your personal data only under the provisions of the Data Protection Law of the Federal Republic of Germany. Below, we inform you about the type, scope and purpose of the data collection and use.

Collection and processing of data
Every access to our website and each download of a file on this website are logged. The storage serves internal system and statistical purposes. Recorded: name of file accessed, date and time of access, amount of data transferred, notification of successful retrieval, web browser and domain. The IP addresses of the computers are logged. Additional personal data is only collected if the user of the website and / or customer voluntarily makes information about making an inquiry or registration or enter into a contract or the settings in their browser. Our site uses cookies. A cookie is a text file that is sent when you visit a website and stored on the hard disk of the user of the website and / or customers. If the server of our website is called again by the user of the website and / or customer, the user's browser the blog or web site and / or client sends the cookie previously received back to the server. The server can then evaluate the information obtained by this procedure in different ways. Cookies allow the control of displaying commercials in a personalized fashion (as of now April 2015, we do not yet make use of any commercials on our website). If the user of the website and / or customer wants to prevent the use of cookies, they can do so by locally making the changes to the settings in the computer Internet browser he uses, i.e. the program for opening and viewing Web pages (such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox , Opera or Safari).

Use and disclosure of personal data
If the user of our website has provided personal data, we use it only to serve requests by the user of the website and / or customers, to execute contacts related to the the user of the website and / or customer and for technical administration. Personal data will only be disclosed to third parties or otherwise transferred only if it is necessary for the purposes of the contract or billing purposes or the user of the website and / or the Customer has previously consented to it. The users of the website and / or customer has the right to revoke his consent with effect for any future uses at any time. The deletion of stored personal data is executed if the user of the website and / or customer revokes his consent, if the knowledge to fulfill the purpose for which the data has been stored is no longer necessary or if their storage for other legal reasons is inadmissible. Data for billing purposes and accounting purposes are not affected by a cancellation request. When a contractual relationship between you and us is to be established, elaborated, or amended, we collect and use personal information about you to the extent necessary for those purposes.
Following the order of the competent authorities, we may in some cases disclose data ("Bestandsdaten") to the extent necessary for the purposes of law enforcement, security, to fulfill the statutory duties of the constitutional protection authorities or the military or for the enforcement of intellectual property rights.

Right to information
AUpon written request, we will inform the user of the website and / or the customer about the data stored about his person. The request must be sent to our address given in the imprint of the website.

Source: IT Recht Hannover | Rechtsanwalt E. Strohmeyer