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Dynamic Blocks

"Dynamic Blocks" is a fast paced game of skill for occasional pastime. The hunt for new records will keep you your fun up for a long time!

What makes this game different from others is that the exact rules are not fixed: they can be freely changed by the player! How exactly this is done is described in detail in our Manual. But you can also just use the given rule sets which already offer a lot of variety.

As a curious beginner it can be interesting to simply manipulate the supplied rule sets: the change of a single number in the rules of the game can drastically impact the experience! With a little more knowledge you can create completely new rule sets and unfold your imagination and creativity with it!


  • Local storage of rule sets and highscores on the device
  • Import/export of rule sets by the use of an SD-card
  • High configurability of the graphics individually for each rule set
  • Games can be paused and resumed at any later time
  • Languages available: English, German
  • New: Networking has been implemented! Features: Up- and download of rule sets and highscores (so you compete with any other user of the same rule set from around the world!). Ratings are possible

Additional information:


ActiveLog is a universal time and activities management app. The time line screen displays graphically past, planned and currently executed activities. The central functionality is live-timing of activities: you decide to work on project X, start timing the activity in the app and stop it when you're done. In that way you get a great overview of your time usage: when I have done what?

The second main component of the app is the "Duty-Bag" where you have graphical representations of the tasks that must be completed. These can then be processed in the time line. Decide by yourself which activity types and how many hours of them you want to be added automatically to the duty bag every week!

ActiveLog is truly universal. Its applications range from private to professional. Some examples:

  • Project Management: Divide one project into different tasks, for which you set up activity types in the app. Distribute those among all contributors of the project using appropriate amounts of time for each one. That way, everyone knows what to do and how much time to spend. Those tasks can be chosen to be executed flexibly or activities can be set at certain fixed times as well; whichever is more suitable.
  • Self-motivation: Set yourself certain tasks, for which you never had enough self-discipline to get them done. The app then acts as a "substitute authority" forcing you to meet your quota. Bring yourself to fulfill certain duties or to work on certain things with greater regularity. You can for example motivate yourself to learn or improve a foreign language, to learn playing a musical instrument, or maybe you want to bring yourself to work out on a regular basis.

More ideas:

  • Set certain hours or a certain amount of time for your children to learn for school or to do homework.
  • College/Graduate Students, Freelancers: organize your work time more efficiently!
  • Use as a working protocol for Craftsmen.

Additional features:

  • Activities may have titles and notes attached to them.
  • All data is stored locally on the device. It can also be imported or exported via SD-card.
  • The App tells the User by vibration or sound when a planned activity begins or when a currently timed activity stops. You can just quit the App if you like: it wakes itself up when such an event occurs.
  • Zooming in and out in the time line for a better overview or for more details.